Christmas Party Series: “What is that, velvet?”

Hello Fashionistas!! This week’s post is the beginning of my new Christmas Series! This is the season of Christmas parties and dinners! We all want to look both festive and fashionable without over doing our outfits! So this week, is my first creative Christmas Party look for a more professional environment. I decided to compile this crop top from Pink Club Wear, my emerald green velvet skirt from Shein, and my dressy black heels from  Shoe Show. These items formed an amazing outfit for a business dinner! Velvet and Emerald green is this season’s number one trend and that is why i decided to try them both out in one item! I must confess, I’m crushing on this color!! It is beautiful and flattering for any shape! I’m so excited about this Christmas Party series and I am also doing a Christmas giveaway, so be on the look out for details on that! Thanks for checking out this week’s post and remember that you can be saved and fly! Share my blog with everyone and be sure to sign-up for email notifications of new blog posts! Be the first to know about upcoming giveaways and creative outfits!



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