Faith Over Fear

Hello fashionistas! It’s been a very long time since I’ve made my last blog post! With life, school, and work going on things haven’t been the same. But I am back to inspire you to create some amazing outfits that make you look and feel beautiful! This week’s post made me go outside of the box! For starters, when I thought about the neon heels, I figured, maybe they’re out of season. But then I remembered the number rule of fashion… THERE ARE NO RULES!! As long as it fits and is flattering to your shape? GO FOR IT!! I decided to enter fall with this nice diy sweater that represents the new phase of life that I am in, a pair of sequin leggings from Fashionnova, and a comfortable pair of hot pink heels! Faith over Fear is something that I have struggled to achieve for a long time! Often times we walk in fear more than we do faith! With the help of God and my church, my faith supersedes my fear! Stop allowing your fear of being let down, prevent you from having faith that anything can happen! The year is almost over, but its not too late to take control of all the things that have controlled you! Take a stand and be a representation of salvation in your fly attire! Remember, you can still be saved and fly! I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s inspiration! Comment below and let me know what you think!


The Fly Church Girl


2 thoughts on “Faith Over Fear

  1. This is dope. I love the look and the blog. I can certainly relate to dealing with fear over faith, but you’re helping me come out of my comfort zone.


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